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 National Bank Notes continue to grow in popularity with great notes appearing on the market and gobbled up by frenzied collectors.  No other area of currency seems to have the same intensity as Nationals. Whether you collect your home town, state or collect by type, check out my inventory as I may have just what you need!!


I am interested in buying Nationals from just about anywhere.  Please let me know what you have for sale.  You will find me to be a strong buyer.  I need Illinois nationals, especially Chicago and Chicago area notes.

Thank You.


Scan Series Den Type





1929 $5 Ty1 The Consolidated NB of Tucson, AZ Ch#4287   I am pleased to finally have something to offer from this popular state.  The note has been washed and pressed but still retains a good look. The centering is good and there is a tiny nick in the top margin at the center fold.         SOLD F $450
1929 $10 Ty1 The Consolidated NB of Tucson, AZ  Ch#4287  When I had a chance to buy this second AZ note, I didn't hesitate one bit!  This is an evenly circulated and lightly soiled note that is perfect for the grade.            SOLD F $450


1902 $10 PB The Merchants NB of Fort Smith, AR Ch#7240  An evenly circulated note that is cut slightly into the design at the upper left with a sliver of the next note showing at the bottom left.  The sigs are decent and the note shows even wear and light soil.   Not many large size notes available from this better state.      F $215
1929 $10 Ty2 The Planters NB of Mena, AR  Ch#13693   a neat title on a good small size note from a popular state.  Good Arkansas notes have not been coming on themarket.  There are remnants of blue writing in the title that has been removed but still shows a little.  The paper is crisp with good remaining body.    F $500


1929 $50 Ty1 The FNB of Boulder, CO  Ch#2352   a bright, clean and well centered note with a superb title.  While not a rare bank, notes from this town are always in demand, and this high grade note should be an excellent addition to any collection.  With the strong interest in small size $50s and $100s, I don't expect this note to be around too long.  There are 3 vertical folds along with several corners folds and light handling.        AEF $1050
1929 $10 Ty1 The FNB of Fort Collins, CO Ch#2622  an evenly circulated example that is perfect for a circ state set.  A small margin tear at the lower left does not detract.       F $115


1929 $10 Ty1 The NB of Washington, District of Columbia  Ch#3425  a decent condition piece from DC.   Crispy but with light soiling on the back.   VF $50
1902 $10 PB The N Metropolitan Bank of Washington, District of Columbia Ch#1069  this is a very nice looking note with light but decent stamped signatures.      VF+ $135
1929 $5 Ty1 The Riggs NB of Washington, District of Columbia  Ch#5046   well centered and evenly circulated with a tiny margin split at the right.       F $40


1929 $20 Ty1 The FNB of Tampa, FL  Ch#3497  a bright and crispy example from a better state.   This is a perfect note for a state set, and with some grade too.      VF+ $100


1882 $20 BB The Lowry NB of Atlanta, GA  Ch#S5318  two brown backs from a tough state!   The note is solid for the grade with just a little roughness in the top margin.   The signatures are light and there a several pinholes.  This is not an easy state for Brown Backs.  If you need one from Georgia, don't pass up this opportunity.        VG-F $425
1929 $5 Ty2 The Citizens and Southern NB Savannah, GA  Ch# 13068   a popular type from this better state, with even circulation and light soiling.   VF-EF $65


1929 $5 Ty2 Bishop FNB of Honolulu, HI  Ch#5550   cut very close at the top with just a tiny sliver of white paper showing.  The circulation is even and the paper is crisp and clean.  I am very pleased to be able to offer a note from the extremely popular location.         SOLD AVF $350


Orig $1 The Alton NB, IL   Ch# 1428  a later issue first charter note that has the charter number.  A common but in demand note as nice Aces are really drying up as collectors search for nice examples for their collections.  A bright red overprint and nice pen sigs, along with good margins,  add to its eye appeal and desirability.  The first of many neat Illinois nationals currently in stock - check out the great selection below.    SOLD VF $675
1902 $10 PB The FNB of Batavia, IL  Ch#4646  a bright, attractive note with bold blue stamped sigs and decent margins.      AEF $260
1929 $5 Ty2 The FNB of Bridgeport, IL  Ch#8347   a nice type 2 example from this elusive bank.  The paper is crispy but lightly soiled.      AVF $275
1929 $50 Ty1 The FNB of Danville, IL  Ch#113  this small town had several banks that issued 50s and 100s. The paper is lightly soiled with an erasure to the left of the portrait that has brightened the paper.  The top margin is close but clear of the design.        F $125
1929 $5 Ty1 The Tazewell County NB of Delavan, IL  Ch#3781  about the only collectable bank in the county as the other towns are really tough, although this is not an easy note to find.  I have seen several high grade large size notes but small size are tough.    F $160
1929 $10 Ty1 The FNB of Dieterich, IL  Ch#9582  a small one bank town in southern IL and one with few notes available over the years.  The paper is lightly toned and soiled but still shows well with good centering.      F $360
1929 $20 Ty1 The FNB of Freeburg, IL Ch#7941  highlighted by the signature of Susie M. Wolf as Cashier.   Crisp and attractive note with a small stain above the title, but crisp paper and good centering.  Lower serial # 68.      VF $400
1902 $20 DB The FNB of Gardner, IL  Ch#M9406  superb condition on this better type from a small Grundy County bank.  Nice brown pen sigs and good margins add to its desirability.    EF $750
1902 $10 PB The FNB of Georgetown, IL  Ch#5285  an extremely rare and desirable note from a small bank.   Only 1 auction appearance in the last 50 years.  The top 2 corners are eaten away, into the design either from rust or fire, and that distracts and keeps the price on this rare note within reason.  Beautiful 2 color pen sigs add to its good look.   F $2150
1929 $10 Ty1 The FNB of Grant Park, IL  Ch#11952   with only 3 large notes in the census for this bank, a small size note will have to do, and this one will surely do well.  The note is well centered and crisp with good embossing.  Only light handling prevents a higher grade.     CH CU $325
1929 $5 Ty1 First NB in Homer, IL   Ch#11882   an always popular note for its great name.  Don't expect to find a large note from this town as the 2 banks have a combined $300 outstanding !!   From a very popular collecting area, Champaign County.           SOLD AF $225
1929 $20 Ty1 The FNB of Humboldt, IL  Ch#7168  a rare note with only 68 sheets of this type issued, with this nice example bearing serial # 20.  A well centered, crisp and clean note from a tough bank that shows 2 large and 4 small in the Kelly census and only $365 in large size notes outstanding.         VF $550
1902 $10 PB The NB of Jerseyville, IL  Ch# M4952   a beautiful note with great color ,crispness, and strong embossing.  It is highlighted by beautiful pen sigs of the Assistant Cashier and Vice President.  A superb original note loaded with eye appeal.   AEF $275
1929 $20 Ty1 The FNB of Lawrenceville, IL  Ch#5385  signed by Edna E. Thorn as Cashier.   Well centered and clean with no distractions.    SOLD F $300
1929 $20 Ty1 The FNB of Lerna, IL   Ch#8224 a rare note with a tiny issue of only 69 sheets of this type, with this attractive one bearing serial # 25.  Well centered, crisp and clean with a couple of non distracting pin holes mentioned for accuracy.       VF $525
1929 $5 Ty1 The FNB of Mackinaw, IL  Ch#8732  a neat name and one that is not readily available, especially with the current strong market for IL nationals.      F-VF $250
1902 $20 PB The FNB of Millstadt, IL  Ch#8425  even circulation and nice sigs on this evenly circulated note from the SW part of the state near St. Louis.  The bottom margin is close but clear of the design.  VG-F $425
1929 $20 Ty1 The FNB of Mulberry Grove, IL  Ch#7379  an attractive note with neat name, and plenty of grade.  Bright , crisp paper but with several pinholes.     VF-EF $315
1929 $10 Ty1 The FNB of Newton, IL  Ch#5869  a better note from the only note issuing town in Jasper County in the SE part of the state.  A partial teller stamp line and some light soiling on the back but still a nice note.   F+ $140
1902 $10 PB The FNB of Paxton, Il  Ch#M2926  nice sigs on this note including the neat pen sig of F.W. Schatzle, asst cashier.  A little roughness on the top edge and some bigger pinholes do detract somewhat.  A good bank.      VG $250
1902 $5 PB The American NB of Pekin, IL  Ch# 3770  this is the second title for the German American NB.  The title was changed in 1918, as a wave of anti-German feelings swept through the country.  The note is trimmed into the design at the top with a sliver of the next note showing at the bottom.  The signatures are there but unreadable.  The note is well worn and soiled but quite solid for the grade.    VG $250
1902 $5 PB The Herget NB of Pekin, IL Ch#M6788  an attractive and solid note with good signatures and much remaining crispness.  A good private name bank signed by N. R. Herget as President.   Only $2,290 large outstanding in 1935.    AVF $175
1929 $20 Ty1 The FNB of Ridge Farm, IL  Ch#5313   a very sharp note with the look and feel of a higher grade.  Strong embossing shows the originality of the note.   EF $300
1929 $10 Ty1 The FNB of St. Elmo, IL  Ch#9388  a great name on this well but evenly circulated note from south-central IL.  A small paper clip scrape on the top back and minor pencil marks on the front, but neither impair its look.       SOLD VG-F $235
1902 $10 PB The FNB of Thomasboro, IL  Ch#M8155   a very rare note from a tiny town near Champaign and a strong collector area.  Not a pretty note, but rare with a center tear all the way through and retaped, along with a tear half way up to the right that has been taped.   The cashier signed in pen while the V is all that is left of the VP signature.   The margins are rough with splits and small pieces missing at the upper right.     VG $210
1902 $20 PB The American NB of Woodstock, IL Ch#M6811   a very much in demand note from this small northern IL town.  Excellent pen sigs, good margins and much remaining crispness add up to an attractive note that is sure to please.      SOLD VF $600


1929 $5 Ty1 The Riddell NB of Brazil, IN  Ch#5267   a neat private name bank and rarer in small size than in large.  This is a bright, clean and crisp note with good margins , signed by J. H. Riddell as President.     VF+ $225
1929 $5 Ty2 The Citizens' NB of Evansville, IN  Ch#2188  a very attractive example of this popular type with excellent margins and fresh paper.      CH CU $165
1929 $10 Ty2 The National City Bank of Evansville, IN  Ch#12132   a very attractive note perfect for a high grade state set.  Bottom margin close but ok.     CH CU $150
1902 $5 PB The Fletcher American NB of Indianapolis, IN   Ch#9829  well but evenly circulated note made special by the stamped signature of "R.G. Smith VP" whose signature appears on the Cashier line.  It is most unusual to have the VP as a part of the stamp as that was usually added by pen or added below the signature line.     SOLD AF $60
1929 $50 Ty1 The Citizens NB of South Bend, IN  Ch#4764   a good high denomination note from a popular location.  Even wear and some light soiling on the front.      F-VF $195


1929 $20 Ty1 The Farmers NB of Winfield, IA  Ch#10640   a rare note with low serial# 25 but impaired by a 1" horizontal tear at the bottom that extends into the design.       F $265


1902 $10 PB The Alma NB, Alma, KS  Ch#5104  from the only note issuing town in Wabaunsee County.  Cut close at the top just slighty into the design in one small spot but more than offset by nice 2 color sigs.  Cashier is brown pen and the President blue stamped.   An attractive note with much remaining crispness.   F-VF $450
1929 $20 Ty1 The Council Grove NB, Council Grove, KS   Ch#5757   a great name on this interesting note.    F-VF $135
1902 $5 PB The Citizens NB of Eureka, KS Ch#W5655   very well worn with several small internal splits but sporting a low serial #27.    AVG $150
1929 $5 Ty1 The Citizens NB of Eureka, KS  Ch# 5665  About as far from the above note as possible, condition wise!  This note is a beauty with trivial handling around the portrait.  A tough state for notes as pretty as this.   CH CU $375
1929 $5 Ty1 The FNB of Horton, KS  Ch#3810  the front has heavier soiling, back is cleaner.    Top margin somewhat uneven but full.    VG $50
1929 $20 Ty1 The FNB of Madison, NE  Ch#5529   there is a bit of blue from a pencilled number to the right of the title but it does not detract much from the good look of this evenly circulated note.  The margins are good and the paper retaind much crispness.    AVF $275


1929 $20 Ty1 The Citizens NB of Lancaster, KY  Ch#2888   from central KY and the only note issuing town in the county.  Good ser# A000040A.  A solid note.    AF $225
1929 $10 Ty2 Liberty NB&TC of Louisville, KY  Ch#14320   the highest charter # to issue notes and as such a very popular note.   These have been getting much tougher to find.    Some corner folds at the top right and a counting mark from new.    AU $425
1929 $10 Ty1 The Madison NB&TC of Richmond, KY  Ch#1790  only 3 small size notes in the Kelly census.  This one has seen considerable wear but is quite solid for the grade.    VG $145


1902 $10 PB The Farmers and Merchants NB of Baltimore, MD  Ch#1337  a fresh and original note with a little handling noted.  Strong black stamped sigs and a close bottom margin on the front but with the back very well centered.  Quality like this is harder to find.   CH CU $450


1902 $10 PB First NB in Detroit, MI  Ch# 10527   an evenly circulated note with light soil and bold signatures.  The end margins appear to have been trimmed as they are close but still acceptable.  A solid note for the grade.        AF $80
1929 $10 Ty1 First Wayne NB of Detroit, MI  Ch#10527  the third title for this charter#, and only in use for 10 months.  There is light soil and a partially erased number in pencil to the left of the portrait, but not much of a  distraction.      F+ $35
1902 $5 PB The Union NB of Marquette, MI  Ch#12027  a nice UP note with decent blue stamped sigs and good centering.  There is a little aging along one of the vertical folds that shows more so on the back.   Looks better than the technical grade.   F-VF $275
1882 $5 BB The First National Exchange Bank of Plymouth, MI  Ch#4649  well centered and clean note with very nice brown pen sigs.  There are a number of nice CU's on this bank but this evenly circulated note is affordable and ready for your collection.        VF $625


1929 $10 Ty1 The FNB of Blooming Prairie, MN  Ch# 6775   a well but evenly circulated note that has a close bottom margin and several pinholes.  Minnesota has many great town names with several neat ones featured on this list.      AF $280
1929 $10 Ty2 The Buffalo NB, Buffalo, MN  Ch#12959   a super name from a very popular and well collected state.  I am very pleased to have this great note to offer.  It's not cheap but the really neat ones never are as they are in such demand.    F-VF $1025
1902 $10 PB The FNB of Chisholm, MN  Ch#M7647   a very sharp looking note with 2 color sigs, President is purple rubber stamped and Asst Cashier is brown pen.  Two small tears in the top do not detract.   A nice note from a very popular state.       SOLD F-VF $500
1929 $10 Ty1 The FNB of Fairmont, MN  Ch#4936  an evenly circulated note with good margins and a touch of pencil to the left of the portrait.        F $95
1929 $5 Ty1 The Klein NB of Madison, MN  Ch#13561   a neat private name bank that only issued small size notes.  The front right quarter has extra soiling but the balance of the note is well but evenly circulated with light soil.  There is a small tear at the upper right along with 2 pinholes.  A neat note signed by C. H. Klein as President.     VG-F $175
1929 $20 Ty1 The FNB of Moose Lake, MN  Ch#12947  a great title and with a fancy serial number E000007A. Trimmed close at the top but clear of the design and with even wear and soiling.   Fancy names are in demand, especially from better states like Minnesota.        F $950
1902 $5 PB The Capital NB of Saint Paul, MN  Ch#M8108  excellent note for a state capital set with the perfect title!  It is trimmed close at the bottom with light stamped sigs.   The paper is clean with plenty of remaining crispness.    VF-EF $170
1902 $5 PB The Warren NB, MN   Ch#M11286 a rare note from a hotly collected state.  The sigs are gone and there is a small rust stain to the right of the seal that also shows on the back.      F+ $700


1902 $5 PB The FNB of Greenwood, MS  Ch#S7216 a very high grade note from a state where low grade notes seem to be the norm.  This note and the one that follow are far above average and attractive examples from this popular state.   The cashier signed in pen while the rubber stamped presidents sig is light.  Well centered and crisp with 2 vertical folds and light handling.   EF-AU $750
1902 $5 PB Citizens NB of Vicksburg, MS Ch# 7507  a beautiful and high grade note from a better state where low grade notes are the norm. This one is bright and crisp with good signatures.  Vicksburg is an old and historic Southern city along the Mississippi, the site of several great Civil War battles.  You will love this beautiful note.     VF+ $825


1902 $5 PB The Citizens NB of Kirksville, MO  Ch#8276  a solid note that has good stamped signatures and broad end margins.  The top is cut close and right along the design line.   The paper is crisp and clean with good remaining body.      VF $280
1902 $10 PB The National Bank of Commerce in St. Louis, MO  Ch#4178  a boldly signed example from this big St. Louis bank.  Clean, crisp and attractive.    SOLD  VF $80
1902 $5 PB The National City Bank of St. Louis, MO  Ch#M11989   another common bank but also with bold black sigs and no impairments.      F+ $80


1929 $20 Ty1 The Conrad NB of Kalispell, MT  Ch#4803  a neat private name bank with a Conrad signature as president.  Light but even soiling prevents assigning a higher grade to this crisp and well centered note.      VG-F $150


1929 $10 Ty1 The FNB of Syracuse, NE  Ch#3083  this was 1 of 2 towns to issue notes in Otoe County, in the far southeastern part of the state.  A clean and solid note with plenty of remaining crispness.          VF $120


1929 $5 Ty1 The FNB of Peterborough, NH  Ch#1179  a top quality note with excellent embossing but a tight top margin at the upper left that prevents a Gem grade.       CH CU $275


1902 $5 PB The Broad and Market NB&TC of Newark, NJ  Ch#9912  a bright and good looking note with a full layout and decent stamped sigs.     VF+ $150


1902 $20 PB The FNB of Las Vegas, NM  Ch#W2436   an outstanding note that is seldom available in todays strong market.  The margins are full while the stamped sigs are light but there.  A small penned 100 above the left charter # does not impair its good look.  This is one of the most attractive western titles and a note certain to please its new owner.       F $1100
1902 $10 PB The FNB of Roswell, NM  Ch# 5220    this is a solid, middle grade note from a much better state where good notes are few and far between.  The note is evenly circulated with good color, but the signatures are gone.  The margins are acceptable and the paper retains good crispness and color for the grade.     F+ $575


Orig $2 The Farmers NB of Amsterdam, NY  Ch#1335  I am pleased to have this attractive Lazy 2 to offer. These have all but disappeared from the market.  This is an evenly circulated note with good color and sigs, and most importantly, good margins all the way around.  The paper is very solid with no internal weakness noted.               SOLD VG $1450
1929 $10 Ty1 The Chase NB of the City of New York, NY  Ch#2370   sharp note.  CH CU $165
1929 $10 Ty1 The Dunbar NB of New York, NY  Ch#13237   this was the black bank in Harlem sponsored by the Rockefeller family.  One sees more large size uncut sheets than small size notes on this bank!   Cut close at the top.       VG-F $40
1882 $5 BB The National Bank of North America in New York, NY  Ch#E4581  tons of eye appeal on this nice Brown Back.  Good margins, dark black sigs and the look of a new note make this one a real winner.  The $5 Brown Backs are a very popular type and nice ones like this have been commanding strong prices.   EF-AU $925
1882 $20 BB The National City B of New York, NY  Ch# E1461   Brown Backs are very popular and always in demand. This is a well but evenly circulated note with good signatures and margins.  A solid and affordable note with no impairments.    VG $190
Orig $2 The Fort Stanwix NB of Rome, NY  Ch# 1410   this is the kind of Lazy $2 that is in great demand by many collectors.  Well centered with the bottom margin close but clear of the design and fancy brown pen sigs.  Several light corner folds prevent a Choice CU grade.  Great color and fresh original paper make this an outstanding note.   Ch AU $6000
1929 $10 Ty1 The FNB of Waterloo. NY  Ch#368  from the only bank in town and one that survived through the entire note issuing period.  Well but evenly circulated with light soil but no distractions.  From Seneca county in south central NY along the PA border.  VG $165
1929 $10 Ty2 Central NB of Yonkers, NY  Ch#13319  a popular note from highly collected Westchester County, north of New York City.  The top and bottom margins are trimmed close and there is a very small stain to the right of New York in the title.      F+ $165


1929 $20 Ty1 The Ohio NB of Columbus, OH  Ch#5065  A beautiful ,nicely centered note with just a little light handling.  The embossing is very strong and the paper original.  This kind of quality is in demand by type collectors.   CH CU $175
1929 $10 Ty1 The FNB of Georgetown, OH  Ch#2705  the front has two small red teller stamp remnants but the note is otherwise sharp for the grade.       F-VF $155
1902 $10 RS The Second NB of Ironton, OH  Ch# M242  a beautiful red seal with strong color and excellent pen signatures.  The paper has been wrinkled giving the note a somewhat worn look, but the paper is clean and has good crispness.  Ironton is the only note-issuing town in Lawrence county, far southern Ohio.       AVF $775
1929 $20 Ty1 The Malta NB, OH   Ch# 2052  a crisp and bright note downgraded for a light blue number to the left of the portrait and a tight top margin.     VF-EF $225
1902 $10 PB The Norwood NB, OH Ch#8505   large stamped signatures add to the eye appeal of this clean, well centered note that retains excellent crispness.     VF $200
1929 $10 Ty1 The FNB of Toledo, OH  Ch#91  another low charter in top condition.  The paper is fresh and original with just some light handling.     CH CU $180
1902 $10 PB The Auglaize NB of Wapakoneta, OH  Ch#9961   sharp brown pen sigs and a great title make this note a winner!  An elusive note from a great town name.  From the hometown of Neil Armstrong.    VG-F $500
1929 $20 Ty1 The Auglaize NB of Wapakoneta, OH  Ch#9961  a nice companion to the above note and just as scarce with only 5 notes in the Kelly census.  Minor soiling at the right with a small stain in the portrait that shows more so on the back.  A great title and with the same signatures as on the large size note.       F $285
1902 $5 PB The FNB of Wellston, OH  Ch#3565    a superb note with great margins, bold sigs and fresh and original paper.  As mentioned above, notes in this condition as quickly disappearing from the market and there are very few coming in to replace those that are sold.  Don't wait if this is what you have been looking for.        G CU $485


1929 $20 Ty1 The FNB of Durant, OK  Ch#5129   a solid note from a better state.    F-VF $135
1929 $20 Ty1 The Tecumseh NB, OK Ch#10304   a beautiful high grade note with a great town name.  The paper is crisp and clean with 3 light vertical bends and a light partial horizontal crimp at the right.   AEF $700


1902 $5 PB The FNB of Burns, OR   Ch#6295  nice blue stamped sigs on this well but evenly circulated note from a tough state.  The bottom margin is close, into the design at the lower left with extra margin at the top.              SOLD VG $525


1902 $10 PB The Ashland NB, PA   Ch#5615  bold, readable stamped sigs highlight this evenly circulated note that retains excellent crispness.   A small tear in the right margin does not detract from its excellent appearance.       VF $150
1929 $10 Ty2 The Farmers NB of Beaver Falls, PA  Ch#4894   a neat town name and on a very popular type 2 $10. There is a courtesy autograph of the Cashier which really adds to the note.  The autograph is right above the engraved signature and matches perfectly.   Add this neat item to your collection.        VF $225
1929 $5 Ty2 The County NB of Clearfield, PA  Ch# 13998  A superb note with deep embossing and just a small pinch in the right margin.     G CU $275
1929 $5 Ty1 The FNB&TC of Frackville, PA Ch#7860  a wonderful name on this well circulated but solid note from a state loaded with neat names.  The top margin is close, just touching the design at the upper left.     VG-F $275
1929 $5 Ty2 The FNB of Laporte, PA  Ch#9528   with only 2 large notes in the Kelly census, small size notes will have to do.  This one is a beauty with excellent color and nice embossing, but the top and bottom margins are unevenly trimmed but well clear of the design.   CH CU $235
1902 $10 PB The FNB of Oil City, PA  Ch#E173  what a great title for a PA town!!  The small tear in the left margin and 6 pinholes in the portrait area are offset by nice bold pen sigs.   An evenly worn note that is sure to please.        AF $275
1902 $50 PB The Farmers Deposit NB of Pittsburgh, PA  Ch#685   a solid note with the bottom margin very close and just into the design on the front.  Back is well centered.  Variety with engraved bank officers signatures.  A good high denomination note.       F-VF $525
1929 $5 Ty1 First NB of Pittsburgh, PA Ch#252   well circulated but unimpaired.    VG $30
1902 $10 PB The Third NB of Pittsburgh, PA  Ch#291  a bright and beautiful note with Gem paper.  The embossing is strong and the colors are bright,  but the top margin is tight at the upper left.  The stamped signatures are clear and strong.       SOLD CH CU+ $325
1929 $10 Ty2 The Pitt NB of Pittsburgh, PA  Ch#13701  A bright and strongly embossed note with trivial handling. The horizontal margins are uneven but full and not too close to the design.  A very attractive type 2 note.   CH CU $210
1929 $10 Ty1 The Peoples NB of Reynoldsville, PA  Ch# 7620  a beautiful note that is sure to please.   The left margin is close on the front and there is minor fingerprint soil at the top, but the note is crisp with strong embossing.     CH CU $225
1929 $20 Ty1 The McDowell NB of Sharon, PA Ch#8764  this is the highest grade note that I have seen from this very popular location.  It is bright, crisp and well centered with minor handling and a bit of light fingerprint soil.       SOLD CH CU $375
1902 $10 PB The FNB of Tyrone, PA Ch#4355   a great first name bank, one of many neat names from this state.  Bold stamped sigs add to the eye appeal of this clean, crisp note.        VF $340
1902 $5 PB The Warren NB, PA   Ch#4879  the bottom margin is tight, but that is more than offset by bold, black stamped sig and clean, crisp paper.  A beauty that is certain to please its new owner.  This type of quality is getting harder to find.         EF $275


1902 $10 PB Peoples-First NB of Charleston, SC  Ch#1621  the second title on this bank changed in Feb 1926.  A beautiful note with clean and crisp paper and nice signatures.  From a state where good looking notes are few and far between.    VF+ $395
1902 $10 PB The Columbia NB, SC   Ch#12412  a late charter from this popular state capital.  A bright and crisp note trimmed close at the top right, just into the design.  The blue stamped sigs are light but there.  VF $395
1929 $10 Ty1 The FNB of Greenville, SC  Ch#1935  a beautiful top quality note that is so close to Gem.   There are 2 jagged wrinkles that are in the paper as printed and not obvious unless closely examined as they blend in well.   CH CU $375


1929 $20 Ty1 The Unaka and City NB of Johnson City, TN  Ch#6236   a great title on this interestingly named bank.  Top quality but the note shows a light overall aging as the paper has a light brown cast to it.  It is still a neat piece and is fresh and original.     CU $325
1929 $10 Ty2 The FNB of Memphis, TN  Ch#336  a nice type 2 note from the home of the BIG show in June, namely the Memphis Paper Money Show, 24 years strong and the biggest and best.  Crisp and clean with a closer bottom margin.            SOLD VF $40
1902 $20 PB The American NB of Nashville, TN  Ch#3032  a pleasing note from a better state.  This is the variety with the engraved signatures and is cut slightly into the design along the bottom.  There is a stain above the portrait that is a minor distraction.        F-VF $110


1902 $50 PB The American Exchange NB of Dallas, TX  Ch#3623  a nice high denomination note from this popular town,. The paper is clean and crisp with a small touch of red tellers stamp in the left charter number and title.  It is light and blends in quite well.  There are 6 pinholes in and to the right of the portrait.. This is the variety with the engraved bank signatures.  Plenty of  body left in this pretty note.    VF-EF $750
1929 $10 Ty1 The Alamo NB of San Antonio, TX  Ch#4525    a great title from this popular state and always in demand.  Well but evenly circulated.      VG $100


1929 $10 Ty1 Boone NB of Madison, WV  Ch#6510   a nice note from the only bank to issue in Boone County,  SW part of the state.        F+ $355
1929 $10 Ty1 The National Bank of West Virginia at Wheeling, WV  Ch#1424  a perfect note to represent this popular state.  There is minor handling soil in several spots but that does not affect its great eye appeal.     CH CU $215


1882 $10 BB The Citizens NB of Appleton, WI  Ch#4937  a scarce type for this popular state and in nice condition.  Well centered and evenly circulated with beautiful pen signatures and excellent color, sporting the first Wisconsin seal on the back.      F $550
1929 $10 Ty1 FNB&TC of Baraboo, WI Ch#3609  a crisp, clean note with good centering and a great name.  This was the home of the Ringling Brothers Circus for many years.        SOLD VF $245
1929 $5 Ty1 The FNB of Blanchardville, WI  Ch#11114  an attractive note with clean, crisp paper.  The top margin is much larger than normal with light wrinkling, but well clear of the design. A rarer note that seems seldom available, especially this nice.     SOLD VF+ $525
1929 $5 Ty1 The Eau Claire NB, Eau Claire, WI Ch#2759   a well worn by still decent looking note from this better bank.        VG $120
1882 $5 DTS The Commercial NB of Fond Du Lac, WI  Ch#M6015  a solid note but without signatures with   the top margin trimmed slightly into the design at the upper left.  A better type from a popular location in a better state.      F $275
1929 $20 Ty1 The FNB of Kaukauna, WI  Ch#3641  an extremely rare note with only 3 recorded in the Kelly census.  It is a solid, evenly circulated note with good body and light soil.   AVF $700
1929 $10 Ty1 United States NB of Kenosha, WI  Ch#12351  a forbidden title from southeastern WI, just south of Milwaukee along Lake Michigan.  A surprisingly tough note to find and in decent condition.  AF $160
1902 $5 PB The FNB of Manawa, WI   Ch#8710  a well circulated note with a nice pen signature of the President, Cashier sig gone.  The top margin is trimmed close and several heavier folds show on the back.     SOLD VG $300
1929 $5 Ty1 Bay View NB of Milwaukee, WI  Ch#12816   a neat title on a decidedly rarer note.   Well but evenly circulated with no problems.       VG+ $165
1902 $10 PB The FNB of Neillsville, WI  Ch#M9606   a beautiful note with a large and fancy vanity signature of the cashier in brown pen; the president's signature is rubber stamped in red and quite nice too.  The note is well centered with excellent margins and plenty of remaining body.  Sure to find a good home in a nice Wisconsin collection.     SOLD F-VF $650
1902 $10 PB The American NB of Ripon, WI  Ch#4305  the second title of the German NB changed in 1918.   Trimmed close at the bottom with the sigs gone, but clean and crisp.     F-VF $350
1929 $5 Ty1 The FNB of Wausau, WI   Ch#2820  great original paper with the centering high on the front and back, but still very acceptable.  The embossing is very strong and the paper quality is superb.    CH CU+ $185

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