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Scrip, Advertising, Checks and Misc Paper
Scrip   Advertising   Checks and Misc Paper  

Scrip, Advertising, Checks and Misc Paper

Scan   Year   Description Grade Price
Fed Res Note 1976* $2 A run of 9 consecutive STARS from the better Chicago district: G00754373* - G00754381*. Fresh and bright with excellent margins.
Gem CU $325
Fed Res Note 1976* $2 These are 8 STARS from the San Francisco district. Not consecutive but we think cut from part of a 16 subject sheet. Crispy but centering issues prevent a Gem mgrade based on paper quality.
Ch CU $175
Fed Res Note 1976 $2 A group of 16 STARS from the Boston district.
Gem CU $125
Fed Res Note 1950E $10 A run of 4 consecutive notes from this rarer series issued by only 3 of the 12 FRB districts. They come from the GI block.
Ch CU $240
Scrip, Advertising, Checks and Misc Paper IL Scrip 1878 $5 Treasury Warrant, City of East St. Louis, IL 7/17/1878. Treasurer of the City of East St. Louis, pay to Bearer, large 5 at left, signed by City Clerk, fancy green back. Very low grade with a bunch of tape repairs on the back and minor pieces missing at the left.
VG $45
Scrip, Advertising, Checks and Misc Paper Adv Scrip 1850 $50 Bank of True Love, State of Matrimony, signed by Cupid as Pres! Two angels at center with flowers, couple at right. "Promise to pay to _____ on acceptance the sincere homage and never failing devotion of an affectionate heart"!! How about that!!
Fine $50
Scrip, Advertising, Checks and Misc Paper Adv Scrip 19__ $1 Munger's Laundry, Chicago, IL, "best place in Chicago for Laundry Work". Clean towels, with fine finished toilet case, comb, brush and soap, furnished at attractive rates. Printed on back of 50 cent CSA note. Small tear at left.
Fine $45
Book 1948 $0 We are pleased to have a very nice, well preserved copy of "United States Paper Money Old Series 1861-1923" by Dr Frank Alvin Limpert. In the years before the Friedberg book, this was the bible! It is 8 1/2 X 11, soft cover and #604 of an issue of 2500. A must have for any currency library.
AU $45
Scrip, Advertising, Checks and Misc Paper Bond Coupon 1918 $3 Roseland Security Bank Building, coupon #132 for $3 payable in Gold Coin when presented at the office of Greenebaum Sons Bank and Trust Company. Small coupon with fancy border and bright gold colored back, with 4 small punch cancels.
AU $20
Scrip, Advertising, Checks and Misc Paper Check 1901 $7 Buffalo Bank, Buffalo, IL, Arthur A. Pickrell & Co, No 6 dated Dec 25, 1901. Large buffalo at left, fancy central design, stamped and signed on back. We've been thru this tiny town just outside of Springfield - nothing there!!
VF $10
Scrip, Advertising, Checks and Misc Paper Check 188_ $365 Check on Time Savings Bank Pay to Bearer Three Hundred and Sixty Five Happy Days, Old Father Time Prest, January 1, 1888_. Old Father Time at left, large fancy Orange Revenue Stamp with Worthington & Miller, Chicago Illinois at center. Blue paper with 365 counter at upper right. Really cool item!
AU $50
Scrip, Advertising, Checks and Misc Paper Check 1903 $0 Check drawn on the Covington NB of Covington, VA, by Rinehart & Painter, Dry Goods and Notions. Well engraved bust of "GEN L R.E. Lee at left. Per Hugh Shull, very rare to find Gen Lee image on a check. Back has 4 stamped endorsements on back. A really neat item that belongs in any CSA collection!
AU $60
Scrip, Advertising, Checks and Misc Paper Savings Check 1930s $0 An interesting piece of Depression Scrip for 4 cents and redeemable when presented at the First NB, Plaza ND. Simonson & Ames, Plaza NB at lower left, Ser# 111133 at lower right, size of small size note but a bit taller. Large impressive eagle at bottom center on back with redemption information. Lower corners off but not affecting design.
AU $25
Scrip, Advertising, Checks and Misc Paper CSA Adv Note 1930 $0 A neat note soliciting your vote for Pete Caveny Democratic Candidate for County Clerk, Macoupin County Illinois. Election day is Tuesday, November 4, 1930. Large picture of Pete Caveny on front, back is a T23 CSA note in green.
VF $30
Scrip, Advertising, Checks and Misc Paper Adver Note 1913 $0 Bank of Prosperity, Chicago, IL. Washington left, large eagle right, Northern Investment Co advertises loans to be made. Well detailed green note for "Three Hundred Sixty Five Prosperous Days"!! We found a small group of these over 20 years ago and have seen only a couple show up again.
VF $50
Scrip, Advertising, Checks and Misc Paper Depress Scrip 1933 $0 Clarinda, Iowa Chamber of Commerce Depression Scrip dated April 10, 1933. Three pieces, small size note size, 25 cents, $1 and $5, with rubber stamped sigs and serial #s. Details and terms of issued elaborated on back.
VF $75
Scrip, Advertising, Checks and Misc Paper Macerated Curr ++++ $0 Macerated Currency bust of Lincoln mounted on 3 1/4" X 6 1/4" black card. Explanation printed on card below bust. Very neat and interesting. "Estimated value in old bills of $1,000.00. Washington, D.C."
XF $25
Scrip, Advertising, Checks and Misc Paper Macerated Curr ++++ $0 A very interesting "National Currency Souvenir" from Washington, DC made of macerated currency redeemed by the Treasury. It is round, 4" across, with the Capitol Building at center, large flag above with bunting. One of many types created over the years. Well done and great condition.
XF $35
Fed Res Note 1950A*/1950B* $1 A group of 9 FRN star notes broken down as follows: 1950A* $10 4 pcs // 1950B* $10 4 pcs // 1950A* $20 1 pcs. All are from the Chicago district and grade at least VF with a few a bit nicer. There is $100 face value.
VF $175
Fed Res Note 1963 $1 A pack fresh run of 20 consecutive star notes, G00027080* - G00027100* from the first issue of the green seal Feds. These are mules with Bp 422, used on the last runs of the 1957B $1 silvers. A neat group of notes with the lower ser#s.
Gem CU $200
Fed Res Note 1963 $1 A district set of the first $1 FRNs issued. The set consists of 11 mules and 1 regular note (Philadelphia). Also, all serial#s end in 03 except for Kansas City which ends in 04. All notes are pack fresh, saved at the time of issue!
ChCU/GEM $50
Fed Res Note 1963B $1 A group of 30 Barr notes. Consists of 25 from Chicago (10,5,5 consecutive), 3 Kansas City consecutive and 2 San Francisco non-consecutive. All are pack fresh having been set aside when issued.
Gem CU $75
Legal Tender 1953B* $2 A group of 3 high grade circulated STAR NOTES! One grades XF, 2 grade Ch CU. Very attractive notes.
XF/ Ch AU $60
Silver Cert 1935A $1 A fresh run of 9 consecutive notes, N90293261B - N90293261B, all crisp and original. SOLD
Ch CU+ $50
Silver Cert 1928/1934 $1 A group of Funny Backs, 14 in all. The majority are VG with 4 at bit nicer. Includes: 1928 (1), 1928A (5), 1928B (6) and 1934 (2). Also includes 3 Experimentals. Only 1 has a tear, the rest just well circulated.
VG/Fine $125
Fed Res Note 1995 $1 A group of 12 notes, all with error Bp 295. As follows: 5 are VG to Fine, 6 are nice VF++ and 1 FINE with WHERE'S GEORGE stamped across the center. Two notes have a small edge tear.
Various $100