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Large Size Type Notes
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Legal Tender Notes

Scan   Year   Description Grade Price
Large Size Type Notes Fr#39 1917 $1 A broadly margined note with strong color and very little signs of wear or circulation.
PCGSAU53 $260
Large Size Type Notes Fr#41a 1862 $2 Superb eye appeal makes this popular collector grade note a perfect addition to many collections. So hard to find with good margins, this one has outstanding margins and bold, dark colors. PMG states "Minor Repair" but it is impossible for us to see! Only 3 VF30 notes have been offered at auction since late 2011. At the next grade level (XF), the price increases substantially!
PMGVF30 $1350

Silver Certificates

Scan   Year   Description Grade Price
Large Size Type Notes Fr#229a 1899 $1 The second rarest of the popular Black Eagle notes, with only the Napier-Thompson tougher! It is well but evenly circulated but shows a red stain in the upper right margin.
VG $300
Large Size Type Notes Fr#239 1923 $1 The rarest Woods-Tate signatures are featured on this tough note. It has crispy, clean paper with good margins and nice eye appeal.
VF $250
Large Size Type Notes Fr#253 1899 $2 Tons of eye appeal make this a most attractive and desirable note. It represents this type very well. The paper is bright, the blue overprint deep and bold, the margins quite nice. The note has been lightly pressed and so the lack of a PPQ.
PCGSVF35 $550
Large Size Type Notes Fr#278 1899 $5 A very attractive, evenly circulated Chief that would surely fit well into the VF20 grade.
VF $525
Large Size Type Notes Fr#302 1908 $10 We seldom see nice examples of this popular blue seal Tombstone note. This is a superb note with great color, bright paper and good margins. The eye appeal is outstanding as this beauty looks like a ChCU at first glance. If you need this tough type, this beauty is worth the stretch! Only 207 listed in T&P with only 1 35EPQ offered at auction! SOLD
PMGVF35EPQ $2600

Federal Reserve Bank Notes

Scan   Year   Description Grade Price
Large Size Type Notes FRBN 1918 $1 This very attractive note comes from the tougher Minneapolis district. The paper is fresh and original with good color, crispness and eye appeal. A perfect note for your FRBN district collection.
XF $300
Large Size Type Notes FRBN 1918 $2 We are pleased to have this better San Francisco Battleship to offer. Only 2 districts have a lower census - Richmond and Dallas. This one shows much better than Fine15 for sure! We see NO grade limiting factors - a couple of small spots on the back are insignificant. A key district if you collect this popular type!

Federal Reserve Notes

Scan   Year   Description Grade Price
Large Size Type Notes Fr#863 1914 $5 Blue Seal from Richmond. This evenly circulated note comes from a better district and likely to be on several want lists. We see 2 small pinholes in the portrait.
VF $100
Large Size Type Notes Fr#881 1914 $5 Blue Seal from Kansas City. Across all of the districts, the Burke-Glass signature combination is the rarest. This beauty represents a better district and is one of the lowest ser#s listed. The paper is crispy and clean with a dark blue overprint.
VF+ $180
Large Size Type Notes Fr#1056 1914 $50 Blue Seal from Minneapolis. A very tough note from the second rarest district for this denomination. The Track&Price census shows but 67 notes known, only the St Louis district shows less known at 56. It shows even wear and good color but does have a tear at the bottom center.
Fine $475